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The association Sportegration organises a range of different projects for refugees in and around Zurich. The main focus is the enjoyment of sports played together.

We are locals, refugees and expats and together we are working out daily through a variety of sports such as fixboxing, running, Yoga and swimming. Dance classes and ballsports are also offered.

At Sportegration, sports provides a path to a successful social integration. No matter your age, gender or origin - everybody is welcome to join! 

"Children and adolescents have a great need for motor activity. Just sitting around makes them depressed. For this they need appropriate space and freedom, such as that offered by Sportegration. Because there are no refugees or asylum seekers. These are all individuals who come to us. Each person is unique because of his/her biography and cultural background. It is about human dignity and it depends to a large extent on how well refugees and asylum seekers can meet their basic individual needs. Ensuring this is associated with considerable costs, for example for accommodation that enables people to live together in community. We need to raise these necessary finances. On top of that, the most important thing we can provide to these people are trustful relationships."

Remo Largo  |  pediatrician and author 

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Sie wollen sich bei SPORTEGRATION engagieren, haben ein Feedback oder eine Frage?

Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir freuen uns auf Ihre Nachricht! 

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