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With the sponsorship program, participants of Sportegration are brought into direct contact with locals (1:1). For the sponsor the primarily task of the sponsorship is to establish contact with the sponsored child and to meet at least four times a year. The main purpose is to support refugees in school and administrative matters, especially when entering the job market . In addition, there is a financial contribution of CHF 300.00 per year, which is managed by Sportegration and is used fully in favour of the sponsored participant, depending on their needs.

Rohulla (21) from Afghanistan: "I think it's great to have Fabienne and Patrick as sponsors. They always help me when I don't understand something and we also have a lot of fun together."

Fabienne and Patrick: "Ruholla has grown very dear to us with his lovely manner. The meetings with him are a lot of fun and enable an enriching exchange."

Frequently asked Questions: 

What should and can I do as a sponsor?
There are many different options: Cooking something together, going for a walk, attending a Sportegration training session or simply meeting for tea or coffee. Do what makes you feel comfortable and get to know each other.

How do we get in contact?
We ask you questions about your person and your life situation in order to find the right "match". After a consultation with you and the potential sponsored participant, you can send the him/her a suggested date for an initial meeting.

Can I also become a sponsor if I am currently unable to pay CHF 300 per year?
If you are currently unable to cover the sponsorship costs because you are a student or have other obligations, you can instead invest more time. We will find a participant for you who for example needs more active support when searching for an apprenticeships.

Can I choose whether I become sponsor to a young woman or a young man?
Yes, of course we take that into account. We then make the final proposal based on your life situation and interests, taking into account the needs of the sponsored participant.

How long does a sponsorship last?
As long as you (possibly you and your partner) and the sponsored participant feel comfortable with it. Nothing should feel enforced and if it no longer fits due to time or financial reasons, then just contact to us.


If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and send you our information paper.

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