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For refugees, the path of fleeing from their country is far from over when arriving in Switzerland. Paradise is not awaiting them here. The challenge is at least as big as these people have already mastered to come here. In order to gain a foothold in Switzerland and create a future, refugees need not only good knowledge of the German language, but they also need to learn about local customs, seek contact with locals and also receive support in school matters to take up vocational training in Switzerland.

Sportegration supports its participants on this path. With the provision of a sports program, Sportegration not only enables refugees to improve their physical health, but also makes an essential contribution to their mental health, by making them feel part of a team. Self-confidence is built by taking on coaching tasks and difficult life situations can be handled with the social contacts they get to know during this time.

Sportegration values reliability, punctuality and good behaviour, which are central values in our culture. Due to the different nationalities who join the training, participants are encouraged to speak German. With regular training you can hear how their language improves. Finally, Sportegration supports its participants with the urgently needed school knowledge, since refugees were often unable to enjoy school education in their home country and during their journey.

Sportegration is a non-profit organization that is financed exclusively through donations. We are tax-exempt in the Canton of Zurich and issue a confirmation to the tax authorities for each donation.

With your financial support, you enable us to continue and expand Sportegration to enable many refugees to integrate socially.

Together we make a difference!

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Support us with one of the following options



We regularly need sports equipment, especially for boxing (gloves, focus mitts), yoga utensils (mats, blocks, bands) and football equipment (shoes, shin pads, goalkeeper gloves).

We are happy to receive well-preserved and washed sports clothes and shoes, but also casual clothes and shoes, as well as kitchen utensils and furniture that we pass on to our participants.

Contact us by using the contact button below or via e-mail stating your contact details and the type and quantity of the material to be donated.


Thank you very much!


Sportegration is always looking for free or cheap premises to conduct trainings. Therefore, if you own a sports studio in a community in Zurich, please contact us! We are extremely adaptable and are happy to schedule our training sessions at a time when your studio is underutilised.In return, we would be happy to list you as a partner / sponsor on our website.

Do you offer sports trainings, and would you like to make them accessible to refugees? Then we are very happy to organise a Sportegration-training together!

In any case, we look forward to hearing from you by using the following contact button or via e-mail.



Personal contact with locals is of great value to our participants. That is why we launched the Sportegration Sponsorship Program.

The sponsorship includes the obligation to establish social contact and meet at least four times a year. The main focus is to support refugees in school and administrative matters, namely when entering the job or the housing market.

In addition, there is a financial contribution of CHF 25 per month, which is managed by Sportegration and is fully used in favour of the sponsored participant.

If you are interested and for further information on the sponsorship programme, please contact us by using the following contact button or via e-mail.


Are you enthusiastic about sports and want to take on a coaching role? Do you have time for administrative tasks or do you want to contribute in some way? We are constantly looking for interested people who support Sportegration. The scope of duties is large, so there is the opportunity for everyone to contribute constructively.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us using the following contact button or via e-mail stating your contact details and your ideas. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



Integration cannot be one-sided; Refugees need to be offered opportunities. For this we need you as an entrepreneur!

If you are looking for employees who have work experience and a lot of motivation (but do not speak perfectly German yet), we at Sportegration may already have your next employee awaiting. We help you to find suitable people and are also happy to be available as a counterpart if an apprenticeship contract is concluded.

You are also welcome to invite our participants to a trial day to introduce your company and to get a personal impression of the young and extremely motivated people.

We look forward and are available for any questions. please contact us using the following contact button or via e-mail.


With the purchase of a cool Sportegration shirt, CHF 10 will flow directly into our association, after deducting the production costs. At the same time, you help us to spread the name and message of Sportegration even more.

You can find our offer in the shop on this website.

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